Sunday, January 25, 2009


As I look outside it is snowing again.   Actually when  I look at my weather map it seems to be snowing only in the Northeast.   What a garden spot it is.

Another do nothing weekend.   I actually  enjoy doing nothing.   I think I may have SAD, seasonal affected disorder, I don’t know that for sure, but I do not feel like doing anything  starting in January and it lasts till spring.     I like winter till the Holidays are over and then want it to be gone.

Back to work tomorrow, it will be the last of my sixteen hour days..   that is just too long.   But the schedule is light so I will be doing breaks and lunches, unless someone calls off.   We had a woman who was off for three months for surgery and with in the few weeks back at work she was calling off sick.   I think at the end of my career I will have a face life and be off and use my sick days, which I have many at this point.  Do not know if I really will but it seems like a good idea at this time.

HPIM1460 Well, I was just looking at the advanced features of adding photo Windows Live Writer and there is a feature for Tilt.  Guess there is a way to straighten up the lopsided pictures I had scanned.    I will have to  play with that and stop looking like I was intoxicated when I took them.   LOL  LOL


  1. I think the holidays give people something in which to look forward, but after that the only thing to expect is shitty weather.

  2. January is always a hard month; nothing to look forward to but cold wintery weather; at least in February it is a short month with Valentine's Day and thoughts of spring; thankfully January is almost done and February is around the corner

    I agree; a 16 hour day is way too much at any age!


  3. I have an awful time with winter. I think you have all figurted that out from my entrys. Nov & Dec. I miss my deceased son terriblt, probably the holidays and then it is the irritant of cold, dreary weather, snow. Bah Lucy