Monday, January 12, 2009


Did you ever wonder about your email? I talked to a woman about a year ago and she was astonished, she had received about ten email. I looked today and it adds up by the twenty fives. How much do you receive in an average day? I will have it thinned out and then there are fifty more. I am on Rootsweb for my Genealogy, and that is a lot. I tell people do not send me anything that I am required to download. What do they do, they send it. Along with things that have been forwarded twenty time with some inane joke, chain letter or something else I have no interest in. I just delete it and not open it....

Then comes the spam. I am always getting notices that some account or another of mine needs updating...?????? Right now it is my PayPal and AOL, these also get spammed. I do not have Pay Pal and AOL tells me on every email that AOL will never ask me billing questions or my password... Also there are hundreds of people out there that think I am going to bite on their offer of them to send me $10 million, I just need to help them get the money out of __________, whatever, add your place....

How many people actually respond to these offers? There must be some poor gullible soul out there that does...


  1. I have seperate email accounts for work, general emailing, and personal stuff...very few people have my 'personal' email addy. They know that its for letter writing only. No chains or jokes. They will get markwd as spam if they step out of line. It works very well. I use gmail which must have a really good system for learning because I never see junk mail. I love comunicating by email and text!

  2. It's amazing to me that people actually fall for some of those spam emails.

    AOL usually screens the spam pretty well. I don't get a whole lot showing up in my mailbox.

    Hugs, Beth

  3. if I post a journal entry, I can have on a given day about 50-100 emails with different things, comments, journal alerts, mail from an online group I'm part of, etc. I set my spam filter on high so I rarely get anything spam-like in my regular mailbox; it just goes into my spam folder that I delete daily. If I get an advertisement from something, I'm taking the time to go in and ask them to remove me from their email list; that does cut down on emails coming in. I'm not a fan of forwarded jokes, either and I never forward anything unless it is to my hubby relative to something business