Friday, January 30, 2009


I am off today and it is snowing again.   For a few flurries, it is snowing a lot.  The street is covered.   Husband and daughter are gone for the day.  

I had to go get the newspaper and I had to put on my boots and my jacket.  Too cold and too much snow is the forecast.   Under the snow is ice, I heard that it was to go up to 44 on Sunday, so I hope some of the snow will melt.

I have also heard rumor of another snow storm early next week.  It seems it is developing in the Gulf of Mexico and depending on the storm track  how much snow we receive is unknown.   This winter has been much colder than usual and I think the snow amount is about average. 

I have to figure out what to cook on Sunday, we usually go out to eat on Sundays but the bars will all be full of revelers watching the Super Bowl.  I would like to be in Tampa just for the weather alone.   Living in Western PA you can guess who I am rooting for….

I should get up and do something, but I have little desire or incentive to get up.  I am looking forward to spring and I know that groundhog will see his shadow  on Monday.     Punxsutawny PA is about an hours drive from my house.  I have fantasies about whacking that rodent into next year.  Not really, I would not whack any animal, but I do tramp on spiders if they are in my vision.   Not the little delicate one, but the ones that are large, black, hairy and menacing.  If they are outside I leave them alone.

So, I am deciding what to do today, but I may just sit here  and let the feeling of looking for something constructive to do just pass.


  1. Yes ....the good ole' Gulf of gugus are perdicting Tuesday will be a total loss up here..............Stay safe and warm, LindaMay

  2. Punxy holds bad memories for me. We were working a job there....for about 3 weeks or so.....I took my wallet out of my briefcase and ran into a diner for a quick break. We were leaving and I stepped into the ladies first. Must have set my wallet down.

    Had 4,600 hundered in cash that I was susposed to take to the bank before I drove to punxy to meet the customer (was running late). can guess the rest....

    About 45 minutes later were at the job and I reach in my briefcase and realize there was no wallet...

    Went back the the diner....


    The hardest thing I ever had to tell my husband...

  3. geesh, you live in Pennsylvania, and perhaps you are rooting for.........the STEELERS???? Go them!!! (I'm for them too) should be a good game!

    pretty soon you'll be in the nice part of winter; snow won't stay around for very long and outside temps will be pleasant to enjoy being outside for a minute or two

    have a good weekend :)


  4. My son was born on groundhog day. Since he is unpredictable I figure the ground hog is to. lol That little outing I had was just great. Might get me through the worst of the winter that is left. Lucy