Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sunny Saturday

It is  very, very cold, but intensely sunny day.   I started off driving to the LDS Church to review the records I had requested.   But all I found was 6 inches of snow in their driveway.   So, I took a spin around the back and there was no one there.  

The next choice of things to do was to go and fill up the car.   They are forecast, or not forecasting a major snow storm on the east coast.  If it goes west, I can look for 24 inches of the white stuff, if it goes east 6 to 8 inches of the snow.   So in preparation I wanted to have a full tank.  If we do get all that snow  who knows how long it will take for the gas supply to last????


I took a few pictures out the back window. The pictures do not give the frigidness of the morning justice.  The the sun does look pretty bleak in the morning sky.ancestory perusing 012

ancestory perusing 013 I tried to catch the glistening of snow, it looked like diamonds but the sparkling did not appear.  It was a pretty sight all brilliant  like diamonds glittering.


  1. I'm happy the sun is shining someplace! Our forecast snow totals are all over the place for next week's storm too. I'm more worried about sleet and freezing rain.

  2. Two feet of snow?! Good gravy!

    When I walked out to get the mail yesterday, I noticed the glittering snow, too. I thought about getting my camera, but figured it would never pick up that quality. Guess I was right!

    Hope you miss the worst of the storm!

    Hugs, Beth

  3. loved the snow pictures!! thanks for mentioning about glistening snow; I had forgotten that; it is so pretty!

    hoping you don't quite get the 24 inches!!

    but cheer up; tomorrow starts February!

    enjoy the game tomorrow


  4. Our snow was nearly gone. I used past tense because I figure we will get more. If you get the snow I hope it will be the least. Lucy

  5. Very pretty, your setting looks gorgeous.