Sunday, January 4, 2009


"A lot has been said about politics; some of it complimentary, but most of it accurate."Eric Idle

And that's the truth...........

Word of the Day
Dubiety (noun)
Pronunciation: [du-'bI-ê-tee]
Definition: A sense of doubt that results in vacillation before making a decision or acting; a matter of doubt.
Usage: Dubiety is a sense of misgiving; conceivably, even if you have no real doubt in the correctness of a course of action, you can still feel dubiety at having to be the one who follows it.
Suggested Usage: This is a good word to use for those who struggle with decisions. "Quit focussing on every dubiety and act on what you think is best." "Doctors often have no time for even the slightest dubiety before removing defective parts of your anatomy."
Etymology: Latin dubius "doubtful, wavering," a reduction of du-hibius from duohabeo (duo "two" + habere "to have") "held as two or double." The original sense was that of wavering between two options. The underlying root, *dwo, also underlies English "two" and "twi" as in "twice" or "twilight (two-lights)," and German "zwei," "zwo," and "zwie" as in Zwieback "twice baked." –

Dr. Language,

Chuck says I do this, I guess I am undecisive.

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