Sunday, January 4, 2009



I am surprised that I haven’t written for a few days.  I guess I have been busy on my cleaning, not really cleaning but fulfilling my sort-of resolution to go thru things and get rid of things I no longer need or use. 

Actually, I made the decision for Emily.   We went thru her clothes and she only kept what she will wear now.   She had a lot of things hanging that she wore at one time but no longer.  They are in boxes and are going to the thrift store this week.   I have to get more boxes from work and the process will continue.   

Since I work in an OR they are many boxes.  Each case for the day comes in its own box.   The drapes, gowns, and towels are all disposable.   Some one made a study (I suppose)  and it is cheaper to buy new than wash and clean.   The only thing that is reused are cleaned and sterilized metal instruments.   We do our own sterilization on site.    Back to the boxes, they come in small and large.   They are rectangular and have a lid that closed like a treasure chest.   They come apart and fold flat, so they can be transported easily.    Many people take then home because they are good for storage, packing, and if you are moving they are great.  Also good for taking your kids things to college.   And they are FREE.

The left over boxes are all recycled.  I filled up three of them this weekend.   I have an inexhaustible supply.  This redistribution campaign will probably take me all year.   I do not have 37 years worth of stuff because in our lives we have moved about seven times and each time we would sort, garage sale, and give away things that were no long of use to us. 

ChristmasandTreeTriming 003

Jenny in the box.


  1. Cats and boxes, gotta love 'em.

    I have two closets full of broken down boxes. I order a lot on line and save the sturdy boxes. I just break them down, store them and think I'm gonna use them someday. LOL


  2. I find in PA you can get free boxes at the liquor store. They are good and sturdy.

    Also moving companies, such as U Haul will sell boxes. You can drive here and pick them up.

  3. Jenny in the box was a cute picture!!! good for you for sorting through things Claudia; those boxes sound like a great deal to have from the hospital too; I bet it helps that they are all the same size too for stacking purposes


  4. Those boxes sound fabulous, seems boxes are hard to find these days but I see you mentioned the liquor store. I'll have to keep that in mind - my husband is always shipping things and we end up buying boxes.

    We have been cleaning out too. Hubby has sold some larger items on Craigs list and we have a box of clothes & other things ready to go to Goodwill or the SA.

  5. Oh Jenny! You sweet adorable kitty you. She is so precious Claudia.