Thursday, January 8, 2009

Today at work

Today I did cataract extractions. Cataract extracts ranks right up there as one of the most frequent operations for the Medicare set. It is relatively easy. They come in have the operation and do not even have to take off their trousers. When they are finished they are amazed at the colors they can see again. They did not realize they were so muted with the cataract.

My last patient was a frail little old lady, aged 92, and weighing about 90 pounds. She was very chatty. She spoke quite eloquently; I asked her if she had work. Turns out she had, she said she had a BS and a MS in English. She had taught English in school, wrote speeches, and wrote a number of articles for a magazine and a newspaper in New York. I bet she would have written up a storm if she had a computer.

I asked her if she had ever been married. She said no, her father hated all her boy friends. She said she had met a few at Pitt, but he told her to get rid of them. Sounds like daddy was a bit of a control freak.....She was probably still a maiden lady...

I proceeded to tell her about the sedation and the procedures. She told me she was "Philosophically opposed" to sedation, she did not like the idea of not being in control. Sounds like a genetic component in that one. I told her I would give her a little so she would be comfortable while she got the shot for her eye. She agreed, I would not like the eye shot myself. Good thing that sedation. She did fine and was out the door before I left for home.

We have hired two new people, and tomorrow there were more people than we needed so I jumped at the chance and took the day off. I am ready for three days a week.......and I hope it will be soon.......
The weather people are calling for 3 to 6 inches of snow and the other stations are calling for a dusting????? Who knows what it will be. I want to go to a genealogical meeting this Saturday morning but if it snows I will stay home.


  1. We are getting all kinds of mixed weather reports for the snow here too.

    Oh I don't think I could watch that operation! Thinking of a shot in the eye actually gave me the heebie jeebies!!!!! :o
    I'm glad the lady did well and she sounds like quite an interesting person to talk to.

  2. My Aunt Gert is 92 she is a wonderful spry woman. Never married. She called me today and told me she almost had her spring cleaning done. She is the most amazing person. Her opinion well valued and frequently sought.

  3. I think those old maiden ladies live so long because they didn't have a man to bug them. LOL

  4. I bet that 92 y/o lady was just so sweet to talk with; I would have loved to have spent the whole day with her; the stories would have been fascinating!

    enjoy the weekend :)

    (its supposed to be 80 here tomorrow; don't shoot me)