Friday, January 9, 2009


Off today and planning my day, actually, there is not too much to plan.  I have been on a quest to search and eliminate.   Search thru boxes of things and eliminate things that are no longer useful, thing I do not need, or things that I have that I didn’t remember  I had and most likely will never use again.

I need more boxes.   I was awake at 06:00, in the scheme of waking up that is an hour later than I usually get up.

I saw Emily off and ventured outside to retrieve the morning paper.   When you have to put on a coat to get the newspaper it is cold, and when you have to put on boots to get the paper there is too much snow.   The forecast is calling for 3 to 6 inches from tonight into Saturday.   It remains to be seen.  Why do people act like the present storm is something new and unusual.  Like, snow in PA…it is not a first time event.  But they rush around all willy nilly getting groceries.    Most snow storms are over in about a day, with the exception of the  Blizzard of '93.   It took 48 hours to get my street plowed.  I missed a days work because I could not get out.  

Not too long after that, the next fall actually, we bought a snow blower.  We used it for awhile, but for the past several years we haven’t had enough snow to actually use it.   It sits in the storage shed.  But I think the real reason for its lack of use is our Subaru's.  We just get in our cars and go, but also we have not had a storm like that one again.   I suppose one will come but who knows when.

picturesbyclaudia 690

Long ago snowfall.   I will get some pictures tomorrow, if it snows.


  1. I liked the picture of the long ago snowfall!

    you would think that people who were used to snow would not be so panicky when snow was forecast, but yet my sister, in the DC area, said that when a storm was in the news, the stores were packed with people getting supplies

    hope you had a good day off!


  2. I just commented on your recent entry about the people going crazy around here getting groceries. Isn't that a crazy you think it is just a Pa thing or do you think people do that everywhere. Bread & Milk...sounds like people can't survive without french toast to me. LOL