Monday, January 5, 2009


Word of the Day
Ebullient (adjective)
Pronunciation: [i-'bul-yênt]
Definition: Bubbling over with enthusiasm; also, roiling or agitated.
Usage: "Ebullience" is the noun form of today's word and "ebulliently" is the adverb. The verb "ebulliate" is rarely used and means to literally boil or bubble out. An "ebulliometer" [i-bê-li-'ah-mê-têr] measures the boiling point of liquids.
Suggested Usage: Next time a gaggle of kids comes to your house for a slumber party, try this one out: "Hey! Let's keep the ebullience levels at a simmer!" (Too bad the ebulliometer doesn't check the ebullience levels of kids.) And when they leave, you can ask, "It there any greater test of the ears than the ebullient effusions of pre-teens freed of all but a thread of parental supervision?" The reply might be, "No, but their departure makes for a quiet ebullience in the heart of the parent in charge."
Etymology: From the Latin ebullire "to bubble up." The "e" in front of the root bullire "to bubble," comes from ex- "out of, away from." "Bullire" comes from bulla "bubble." –Dr. Language,

I had off for five days in a row and I felt ebullient till I started to work. The refreshment for the time of was gone in one day.

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