Tuesday, January 27, 2009



Each year we have to get continuing education.   We need twenty points of education.   The last two years I have gone to Williamsburg VA.    I liked their programs, but the drive is getting to be to much, and much too long.    I am finding long drives a chore to be avoided.  The drive to Williamsburg is eight hours.

This year a meeting is being held at The Hershey Hotel  in Hershey PA no less.  That is a three hours drive and in April, I guess the snow should be gone by then.

I am seriously considering going to that meeting, I guess when I do not want to drive more than one hour I have officially gotten old.

I am thinking spring but I do not think it will help for the next 24 hours.

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  1. I'd love to go to Hershey to go to the theme park there; I hear its supposed to be very deliciously good!

    I'm with you; a 3-hour drive is so much more better and April shouldn't be too bad weather wise (one would hope)

    loved the flower picture


  2. Claudia, shame on your hospital for not providing continuing ed!! We had to have it, too, but all inservices (including mandatory training, like hazmat) counted, and they made audio tapes and teleconferences readily available. There is no excuse for them forcing you to drive 8 hours for continuing ed credit!

    Do you want me to write to them?! I will, I'm not kidding!


  3. I love love love orange tulips....they are my favorite...these by chance are not residing at Phipps are they?

  4. They give us continuing ed at the hospital but the 5 days off is a perk. The tuplips were at the Phipps, about three years ago.

  5. I hope we will all be seeing beter weather before to long. I feel so sorry for the people in the ice storm. We have had severe ice storms in the past and they are no fun. Lucy