Thursday, February 5, 2009

Early Thursday

It is freezing cold outside, somewhere around 6F or so. The good news is that the forecast for the weekend is in the 50's F. That will seem like a heat wave to me, and the rest in the area. Chuck has to put on a large piece of plastic, which I somehow ripped off the car around New Years. I was at work and the parking lot lights were out and I can not imagine how I did that. It tore the plastic holders, he got some more and it has been too cold since then to reinstall.

I want to get the car washed so badly but I can not because of the loose pieces, or the potential for ripping more off. This weekend seems like it will be a good time to do that. It maybe warm enough to wash it myself. What am I thinking???????

I am sitting here contemplating the day, which I have off. Yesterday was our our late start/education day. There are always so many cases added and the schedule runs late, but it was one of my 8 hour days. I work 2/8's and 2/10's, it is just 2 hours more but some how it seems like an eternity. By five o'clock the traffic is heavy, the grocery stores are packed and when I get home I just want to sit down. Todays schedule is worse than yestedays, it looked like all the rooms will be still going after three and that doesn't count any add ons for the day. It is a VERY GOOD day to be off.

Tonight is Trivia night. The only problem is that the bar has poor ventilation, or maybe nonexistant, and when I come home I have to shower and was my hair. I wish he would get a better ventilation system, but it is in an old bar and I do not think it is possible.

I enjoy it and have a lot of fun. Last time our group won a free beer Tshirt. WOW Second place wins a free drink... WOW


  1. Yes Claudia, as you have probably figured out by now I rattle off what ever comes to mind. They were all able to read it when I had them listed to mail it to. There are some circumstances with Marty being a half brother to the kids that all could accept but my daughter has ALWAYS had a hard time dealing with it. I truly love all of them and they are all good people, I think, but I may be biased. I usually leave all of them to there lives and come in when invited in. Problem, I say what I think and get it out of my system, my daughter is the opposite. She holds grudges over things that happened years ago. I write my feelings as though this were a private Journal only I do so because I do not care if other people read it or not. Some people that have been reading me for a long time are a big comfort to me. Look how helpful you have been over the computer. I like reading your blog and hope you get a smile or whatever out of reading mine. Lucy

  2. Hi Claudia, blog hopping here and I realized we used to read each other on AOL journals.
    It was so cold here this morning I could not get my car doors open, and I've never had that problem before. I have much sympathy for the garbage men who came by at 6am in 6 degree weather.

    I won't go into bars with bad vent systems because they make me sick. The gray smoke-everywhere-is just too much. ~Mary

  3. A day off sounds nice, of course I just took off yesterday so I shouldn't act like it's been a long time. LOL. Those added 2 hours can make the day seem like forever.

    Trivia night sounds like alot of fun. I thought with the new PA smoking laws everything was now non-smoking. Of course I also heard only a small percentage are adhearing to that law. ;)

    Enjoy your evening.