Thursday, February 5, 2009


There are a lot of people who hold a grudge, can go on for years and all it does is fester like some gigantic carbuncle. If I get angry I rant and rave and then it is all over. I read an article that said if you let it stay inside it can cause health related issues, like hypertension or the like. If you get it out in the open so to speak, you should not (hopefully.) You release the tension of what you find irksome before you blow, like Mt. St.Helens, for example.

I told Emily that I could not wait till I got old and say what I like, she said "You pretty much do that now." I think she is right.

I love Trivia, in Pennsylvania you can have smoking if less that 20% of your sales are food. The bar owner closed the kitchen for lack of a reliable cook, so its all liquid refreshments. I do not know if the people who smoke can not smell it, or they do not care. They are now proposing an increase in the taxes on cigarettes, and now to include cigars and smokeless tobacco. I personally think they should tax porn at the luxury rate.....That is a lot of viewing that could be taxed.....Guess that is why a lot of these taxes are called "sin taxes."


  1. Great subject! I absolutely have my fits and get over it instead of storing up grievances 'til I blow. BUT, I've got family members who store it all up and keep score on every. little. thing! Argggghhh!!

  2. I have just massive melt downs. They are scary...and when I'm sick....well they are worse. But when it's's over.

  3. Oh I didn't know about the 20% thing on the smoking. I smoke but cannot stand to be in a smokey room or eat if there is smoke around. Strange huh.