Saturday, February 14, 2009



Got up this morning and felt like I should accomplish something.   Why do I feel the need to do this on my days off??    Anyhow, I tempered it a bit. 

There was a lecture sponsored by the Western PA Genealogical Society.  The talk was about The Point of Pittsburgh, a book about Pittsburgh and it struggle from the beginning to 1960.   He talked about people and their activism in changing the industries treatment of its employees.   The treatment pre-union sounded very dire and dangerous.

  One little tidbit was that it was only in 1949 that pensions and health care were given to employees as the result of a union negotiation.   It became the standard, and now the companies are taking them away.   The defined benefit pension plans are going the way of the dodo.   People can hardly afford to take care of themselves and their families let alone save for retirement.   The cost of health insurance is about $500 per month per person, very few can afford that either.   Looks like we will be working and our salaries are gone with pensions and health care.   There has to be some change with that.

The lecture was free and would have been worth a fee.   I liked the book and may even buy it, or at least borrow it from the Library.  

I especially like the books where authors tell you how to save money, all you have to do is buy their book……..I always borrow them from the Library.  I like to start saving from the beginning.   Emily thinks her mother is cheap….

The rest of today was spent moving my watercolor supplies from the old bag into the new bag and paying bills.     I pay most of my bills on line.    I read an article where it stated that the credit card companies would hold your check and not post it till after the due date and then sock you with a $39 charge.   I feel I can kill two figurative birds with one stone.   I can get my payment  to them on time and avoid the lousy service of the post office.   I do not know which to blame for the delay in delivery but I think I got it covered with both.


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