Sunday, February 15, 2009


It is quiet here except for the noise of the washer doing its thing. My water bills are high and several years ago I did my duty and bought one of those front loader, water savers. The water bills have remained constant. I think they would have been a lot higher. My usage decreased but the cost of the water increased. Sears has an outlet store in Pittsburgh that I refer to as the scratch and dent store. Who care if it has a little scratch, no one goes in the Laundry Room but me and the cats.

Well I have changed the colors on my blog. I guess I just get tired of the same thing and fee a compulsion to change things.

When I was young and living at home I re-arranged my furniture with regularity. I read somewhere that people who constantly change their furniture are dissatisfied with their lives and want to change things. Personally, I just got tired of how the room looked, or so I think.

Back to work tomorrow. It is a ten hour day, I am so tired of going to work. I want to cut down my hours. My brother who is eight years younger than me is retired. It was not voluntary. He worked for the federal government, and after thirty years they have mandatory retirement. I know of a lot of Senators and Representatives that should have been mandated to retire years ago. Why is it that way for some and not for others?

I think I have cabin fever, although I get out I am tired of the leafless trees and the shades of grey and brown on the winter landscape. I NEED WARM WEATHER AND SOME COLOR IN MY LIFE.picturesbyclaudia 069

picturesbyclaudia 104

picturesbyclaudia 663


  1. THANK YOU FOR THE FLOWERS. I know I have cabin fever but those flowers helped. I pouit a basket of flowers on my blog today. Lucy

  2. Oh I'm so looking forward to Azaleas!

  3. Lovely pictures and a great inspiration for spring thinking too! I'm with you on the warm weather coming along, and soon I hope. My mom is always changing her furniture around. Mine has been the same since I moved in - well different furniture but same arrangement. I'm boring.