Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sunny Saturday


I woke up this morning and the sun was shining.  The rumor from the National Weather Service was that it was going to go up to 55F.   By the time I finally rolled about and got ready to exit the house it was 10:15, there were already long lines at the car wash.    I am talking about twenty cars in line.

   Now Emily, bless her heart, said that I am the most impatient person she knows.   I have to admit that this morning I was, I could not spend one hour in that line.   There is another car was and this was one you wash yourself and it also have a no touch washer, how does that work?  

I suspect it had some type of high pressure water washer.  There were about ten people in that line…I wonder if you could use that to wash your mini blinds?   Just a thought there……

I came home and decided to wash it myself.   Chuck was home so he decided to have an auto wash-a-thon.   The first problem was the hose was frozen,   I suggested to him to get the one from the back of the house that the sun had been shining on it for a few hours, EUREKA  it was thawed……

Each time we wash cars he gives me a critique and tutorial on what I am doing wrong.   This must be some innate knowledge on the Y Chromosome.  No matter what I do, it is not right.    

How many ways are there to was the car?  Step one, wet it down.   Step two, wash it top to bottom with a soap and water solution.   Step three, rinse off soap water with clean water.   Step four, dry the freaking car with a clean cloth.      I did those steps but I WAS DOING IT WRONG.  I did not was it horizontally, washing it in a circular motion, ala Mr. Miyagi, was not right….I was tempted to squirt the antagonist with the hose but decided not to at that point in time.    I would have if the weather had been 30 degrees warmer.   I do have some scruples.

We did wash three cars and saved about $30 dollars, next time I hope the line is not long, or I will wash it a day when he is at work.

It was a great feeling to get two months grit and grime off the car.


  1. Ken washed his car today, and I'll run mine through tomorrow. It DOES feel good to clean all the crud off!

  2. Chuck and my husband are related...I just know if we check we'll find that is true! I am not even allowed to wash our vehicles - nope...I don't do it the correct way either.

    You can't even tell what color paint is under the grime on the truck.

    Glad you have your vehicles nice & clean now. I wouldn't have waited in line either.

  3. I'm with you; I would have driven myself crazy waiting in that long line of cars for the car wash but a nice day equates getting the car washed off especially if the car has been in any of the stuff put on the road like gravel, sand or de-icer

    good for you for doing it yourself!!!


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