Sunday, February 8, 2009


Last week my cell phone was randomly turning itself off.   This happened about seven times on Friday.    I am not eligible for a new phone till August. 

So, early this morning I go to the Verizon store,   I should have know better.    The person who helped (????) me was Red Sweater Girl.  I told her my tale of woe, how the phone would randomly shut off and how many times it did that on Friday.

Her assessment was that it probably needed a software update, which I didn’t know about or never had done.  “This will only take about 20 minutes..”     Forty minutes and Red Sweater Girl has disappeared from the Verizon Store, as if she vanished in a poof.

Back to the customer service counter.    This time I talked to Jeff with my inquiry of what was the status of my phone.

Jeff disappears for ten minutes, but he reappears.    I tell him again the problem with its turning off.   BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK TIME…….    The download was not completed, it has turned it self off during the download and EVERYTHING WAS LOST.   The stupid phone could not even recall its own number.    Well. Jeff is remorseful……He gets me a new phone, but  I DO NOT HAVE A SINGLE NUMBER IN IT.   

Jeff asks if I had it backed up.  No, I have never done it, I (erroneously)  thought that Verizon did that.  If they had told me about the back up download I would have done it. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Well, no they don’t.   “Do you have one of your old phones?”    

No, I had recycled them in the Verizon recycle bin.    I must have looked very sad because Jeff downloaded the back up program for me and told me that the numbers I dialed would be in the bowels of my Verizon statement……not with any names though.

So I have some of the numbers in my Palm Pilot PDA, which I can get some of them.   I have just send about twenty emails to people with my tale of woe and asked them to send me their number,   I will know who my friends are if they email it back to me.

I never saw Red Sweater Girl again, I think she quit when my info disappeared.   Do you think she went with my contact list into cyber space???

Just as I am leaving the store and IM appears, it was Emily, at least I had one number.







  1. that would be a nightmare; so far Verizon has been kind to us; we're usually the ones that messed up (son losing phone, son dropping phone in water) and they've been gracious in their help

    hope the week ahead is a good one


  2. Oh my gosh what a nightmare and pain for you. I think red sweater couldn't take the heat and ditched.