Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Morning

I have been lax in my postings. I worked all week and have felt tired, all I wanted to do was sit on my couch and vegetate. I am doing a good job at the vegetation, but I am off today and decided to see what was with the rest of the world.

It seems that there is nothing good. Does the bad news just make it to print because that is what sells? Is no one interested in the good news? I suppose a person could start a good new newspaper or blog, but who would read it??

Did you see MEN IN BLACK? The line that made me laugh was the reference that those men always read the tabloids to know what was happening on an intergalactic level.

I read an article on line that Wall Mart had a disagreement with the Tabloids and were not going to sell the Tabloid type publications...Can you imagine that......there will be a whole segment of the population that will not get their weekly news/scandal sheet... I hope there is not rioting in the Wall Mart Parking lots. When Emily was about in second grade we were at a check out and the Tabloids were in a rack near the cart. "What kind of people read that stuff?" she inquired......even a seven year old recognized the style of literature. "How do they know that is true?" I told her maybe we should call their neighbors and ask.....

Need to go to the library, I have not been reading as much as I usually do. I do not know if it is because I am vegetating or I have not found anything that catches my eye worthy of reading.... I have been in a reading slump since before Christmas. I have been reading a lot of books on genealogy. I got two last week, and the publish date on one of them was 1998, seriously, they should put that one in the recycle bin.

I have gotten my phone number update almost complete. I guess I do have friends, they all sent me their numbers....I just have to back it up on Verizon. I think that will be a project for this weekend.....Trivia is tonight. Our team won last week and I am the proud owner of a Moose Head Beer Hockey Team shirt. The shirts are all XL so they make good sleep shirts.


  1. Good luck with trivia tonight! The Moose Head beer shirt sounds like a pretty cool prize!

  2. Hey good job on winning last week - good luck tonite!!

    I stopped watching & reading the news for the most part as I can't stand listening to anymore doom & gloom. I see the local news and then I'm off.

    My mom started calling me her little ostrich. ;) Hey, at least I'm not bummed out all the time, there are some advantages to be oblivious.

  3. Just when I think that I could/should live without TV and Newspapers, something like the peanut/salmonella stuff happens and I think, "what if I didn't know that I should stop eating p-butter?" :) Maybe since everyone is watching their "disposable" income, people will stop buying the tabs.....but then more people would be out of jobs.... ((sigh))
    Have a good weekend!

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