Friday, March 13, 2009

I needed some color. I am tired of looking at a bleak landscape and bare trees. The only color is the green of the conifers, the first sign of spring will be the yellow of the forsythia. When it shows up I will be out there with my camera taking a picture.
I had off today, the schedule was light. I started on some house cleaning, for me the action of giving a thorough cleaning somehow really feels good. Maybe it is a renewal thing, of purging the grime and coldness of winter. I am off a week in April and will be doing some more.
I started cleaning out a desk and I found algebra problems from when Emily was in eighth grade. The kind where you have a train moving at 50 miles an hour going west passes a train going 45 going south, which will get wherever first? Guess I could say that the desk was long overdue for a cleaning. I had all sort of computer info on top of it and I was really surprised.
In all my life I can honestly say I have never had reason to use any of those problems. I did use geometry for figuring out area and how much paint, carpet, tile or what ever to buy. Then one time we used the a2 + b2 + c2 to figure out if our deck was square. It wasn't so we had to do a little fine tuning with that.
Emily called from school, she had to go to the UPS Store this afternoon. Turns out that she needed to get finger printed and have an FBI check before she started her ER rotation, they wanted to be sure none of the students had a history of child abuse. This was after she had to get clearance from the state of PA for the same purpose. It was because she MIGHT have to take care of a child in the ER. She said it was good for a year, and if she ends up missing the FBI will have her prints on file. There are few UPS Stores that are set up to do the finger printing. The forms are filled by the Director of the school and then she takes the form and then get finger printed. I honestly did not know that could be done there. There were five others have this done too. I hate the feeling knowing that there is something going on of which I am totally unaware.
Like the cats for example, they know the existence of the house and things outside the window, but are totally unaware of the rest of the world. Do we fit into this scheme of some other existence of which we are unaware?? That is a scary thought to me. Contemplate that for awhile.....

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