Sunday, March 22, 2009


Wanted to try a different font, this is really wild watching it type and appear in cursive.

Today was one of my lazy weekend days.   I am a master at getting nothing done, and not feeling guilty about it either.

First on the agenda was the grocery store, which I bought all things healthy and nutritious.

Secondly I went to Half Price Books and spent a good forty five minutes perusing the stacks.   There are some good bargains to be had there.

Lastly I went to my favorite store Macys.    The current idea is to save, save, save, and there are some who say we should spend to get the economy going.   

I tried to spend but found nothing to buy.    The clothes they had looked like I would have been a time traveler to the 1970’s.  There were Granny Dresses, bold prints that screamed 1975, tie dyed shirts and most of it looked like it was made for high school or college students.    There are clothes for older women but it all looked so matronly.   I like my slack to fit nicely and I do not like elastic waist trousers.  

There has to be a manufacturer who  produces clothing   in between the twenty something and matronly.   I had money to spend and found nothing to buy.  

I had my eye on a leather purse but do not want to pay full price.  I wanted some shirt and perhaps a nice jacket to go with it, but it is just not there.    I am sadly disappointed and still have my money.   The lady at Macys said their trucks come in on Tuesday, I will be back next week.



  1. Don't you hate it when you're in the mood to shop but can't find anything you really like?!

    I really like Penney's and Kohl's for those "in-between" styles. Much of the junior stuff is just too young for me now and I know it (although I still find some cute tops once in a while), and this gal doesn't do matronly! LOL I think both Penney's and Kohl's has some cute stuff that doesn't look too young or too old.

    Better luck on your next trip!


  2. I am sorry you didn't find the right clothes on your shopping trip! Sometimes I wish I had Clinton and Stacy from What Not to Wear with me when I am shopping! Then, they can decide what I should try on, since they always know best and most of that stuff just doesn't look good on the hangers. I am with you on the styles too. I don't do stuff that's way loud! I don't want to show cleavage or my Mom arms!'s kind of tough to find the right clothes! Glad you got to go to the book store to spend some money! My kind of fun! Blessings, Lisa