Saturday, March 21, 2009


Well, this morning I woke up at 4:56, no kidding. Fell back asleep until I heard Henry scratching at the door, and Chucks car alarm going off. I do not know what he was doing, out to get his morning coffee and read the paper, but why the alarm????

I read about the flower show in the local paper and the pictures looked pretty but I decided to wait a week or two till they are in full bloom. I am going to the library.

I changed the "What about me" section in my Genealogy blog and some how it morphed into the Thoughts blog. Does it have to be like that??? I wanted two different paragraphs about me. If you want to read the Genealogy blog you just have to click on it in the blogs I follow section on the right hand side.

It is cold outside but sunny. We have had quite a few days of no rain this past week to ten days. Today would be a great day for working outdoors, maybe I will do that when I get back from the library, or maybe I will sit down and wait for that feeling to pass.


  1. I vote for sitting down...maybe with a good book....

    Enjoy your weekend....LindaMay

  2. I was thinking about you on Saturday....wondering if you went. Guess not!