Thursday, March 26, 2009


chihuly-017 Off today…….we have not had rain in about two weeks.   Yesterday it started to rain, it was long overdue.   There had been stories about brush fires and the dangerous dry weather.   Tomorrow will be sunny and then rain on the weekend again.

I wanted to go to the Maple Sugar Festival but will not because of the rain, I also will not be able to take flower pictures because of lack of sun.   The light and shadows on the flowers are what I love.

Yesterday at work was urology day.  I had a student.   Sometimes working with a student is harder than doing the work yourself.   There is a relatively new treatment for enlarged prostate surgery.   It used to be done with a resectascope that would slice the enlarged prostate.   This would require perhaps five days to a week of in hospital stay, and there would be a lot of bleeding.

Now it is done with a laser, it cuts and cauterizes the tissue and the man can go home in a day or two.   This  is really a kinder and gentler procedure for the man.  Also done for prostate cancer is brachytherapy.   The prostate is mapped out with the use of a computer and radioactive Iodine seeds are implanted in the prostate and this saves a more radical surgery.    I do not know the criteria on how the selection for this is done, but I would think it is done at the early stage where the tumor is smaller.   If you know of any loved one who needs prostate surgery these are certain ones to be considered.

Emily had physiology lab today and her project was to count white blood cells,  she said she would never get a job that required her to count blood cells in a microscope.  

Her latest section is over and she is waiting to hear where she goes next.  It is either Psych or ER.

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