Saturday, March 28, 2009


Up early and soon up to go to the flower show at the Phipps. I decided not to go to the Maple Sugar Festival because of rain south of Pittsburgh. I hope to take pictures while we still have sun. Just, maybe I will hit the library.

I spent last evening wading thru my "Favorites" I wish I knew of a program to store them on the computer, they are in disarray on AOL. There are literally hundreds, I have them in folders that I thought would work, but things are scattered about. I need a week of to do this, or perhaps longer.

Emily is off this week, she is waiting to get the assignment list to see where she will go next. Psych or ER. She will spend some time at my hospital for ER, and some time at a State Mental Facility about 45 minutes from our house. I think she will spend two days there, she and a few other women will share a local hotel room for one night. Can you imagine this, four women trying to get ready to be at clinical at 7 am? I hope they are not all high maintenance...

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