Friday, March 20, 2009

What To Do

I spend my whole week looking forward to the weekend and what to do. First I do not have to listen to an alarm clock. I turn it off the morning of the last work day and do not set it until the evening before I go back to work.

This weekend I have a few things in mind. Emily will be studying for her finals in the 103 Unit of Nursing School. Penn State classes are still going, those classes are not in sync with Nursing. She will not be doing anything this weekend.

I want to go to the Library and do more research on the death indexes up until 1906. I realize that some would find working more exciting and perhaps having bamboo driven under their finger nails as an alternative to go to the Library. I like the solitude, the research to find the unknown and the thrill of discovery...My interest in my own genealogy has gone from a curiosity, to a hobby to an obsession. And I do feel a compulsion to go.

They have a lot and it is all on microfilm. It would be nice if it were all on line, but there is no money to pay to do this and it would be a insurmountable job for volunteers.

About a quarter of a mile from the library is Phipps Conservatory and the Spring Flower Show. Tomorrow is the first day, do I dare brave the opening day, or will most be clueless to this event??? I better charge the camera, just in case....... I could really do both. I suppose this depends on what time I get up.

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