Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I like the idea of rebooting. How do I do that? It is still not working properly. I tried to send you an email and I got a message files were missing. I have to get on the computer via a buried IE program. I can not connect with an AOL program, tells me to reinstall some files, but where do I find them??
I hope you read this post..LOL

I did install a new antivirus program and it found five virus, all of the same name. I have that name written down but can't find it at the moment.


  1. reboot simply means shut down the computer completely and start it back up but since it's been a bit I have to trust you've turned it off and still nothing. Can't even call AOL for help as you most likely won't get support (unless you are paying for the service). I trust when you ran the scan you had it remove the viruses it found. Without being there I'm really lost. Maybe find a computer shop to look at it surely there is an inexpensive one in the area .. sorry wish I could be more help

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  2. Did you get the number for support? It is 800-827-6364 They are a real pain to deal with.