Saturday, April 25, 2009


What a gorgeous morning !!! Yesterday it went up to about 80, and I had the windows open.
I gave the meal responsibility to Emily and also some money. She had to plan and cook the meal. She made Butter Chicken, which did not have any butter. It is an Indian dish made with chicken. At the Indian store they had a package of spices that was labeled Butter Chicken and she used half of the package. It was good but just a little too spicy....Also on the menu was Curry Rice, which was also spicy. I think it would have been better to have a plain rice and spicy chicken rather than two spicy dishes. I will have her do it again.
The computer still can not open AOL. The source of my ire is Win32/startpage.zz I can not imagine how it got by McAfee.....The first thing I noticed was the McAfee was disabled. I think the source of the problem is AOL. I uninstalled, and reinstalled from the internet, then uninstalled and downloaded from a disc. The problem is opening the installed AOL. I have rebooted, reinstalled the drivers and still something is missing. I have installed a new antivirus program CA and it found 5 of the above viruses on the computer. When I go open AOL it tells me that I am missing files and it will install if I click HERE. Nothing happens then. I need to call tech support.
I must report that the CA program is operating well, although it took me about a half hour to install it will a disc. The firewall would not install and I had to go to the CA website and download the firewall.
What to do today?? Who knows, other than calling AOL. That should be a frustrating experience, but I am ready for the battle....

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  1. You are so welcome. I had a heck of a time getting mine straight even with support. I was so frustrated I said I wanted to cancel all tires with them. They talked me into reinstalling my Aol. The guy said you are good to go. I clicked on Aol and it did the same darn thing.I called them back at the poor innocent man's answer I screamed I went your cruddy program off my PC. They will not take no for an answer so this foriegn fellow helped me and it worked. Good luck