Wednesday, April 15, 2009


What a day, I am hounded by computer demons again.....First I had the McAfee security by AOL and it told me that my virus protection was not working.....uninstall and reinstall.......still not working.

I had installed 9.5 and after that I had pop ups with (about:blank). I did a search and it said it was a Trojan....So, next I uninstalled 9.5, that left 9.0 on the computer and half of the page was blank......Tried a system restore x 3.....did not work either....GRRRRRRRRRRRR
Search for antivirus programs.....chose one with a 90 day free trial, but will not get rid of spyware..........Tried to redownload and reinstall 9.5, half a page still missing...... GRRRRRRRR. The virus search said I didn't have a virus......
Went to add/remove programs and uninstalled the entire AOL programs....Should I call it a day or try to reinstall again. Frankly I am tired of this damn computer. I think I will call it a day. I am at my wits end for today.

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  1. GRRRRRRRRR I hate when that happens. Shut down and reboot see if it helps.