Monday, April 13, 2009


Phipps2009 027

After my respite of the week off , it was back to work for me…..the schedule was very light about one third of usual.  Tomorrow has picked up some.   Today was orthopedics, three total joint replacements, on three different people   We do spinal anesthesia on each.   In with the local medication to do the spinal we also put a bit or Morphine, this will be the person pain relief most of the day and into the night.   With a general anesthetic, you would get IV Morphine, but the spinal Morphine will last much longer.  

Everything is the same at work.  There is rumor of them cutting out the coffee… doesn’t matter to me since I do not drink it.   But that is the height of frugality.    Guess I will have to bring my own coffee cup to drink my tea, as well as my own tea bags. 

The POWERS  that BE decided will are going to have a stroke center, they want to get that up and running.  Also a Level 2 Trauma Center is in the works for 2011.     Wait till those docs find out there is no coffee…….

The weather is getting more spring like,   it was cold this morning but warmed up nicely by the afternoon.  I have visions of sitting on my deck and having a cup of whatever I will be drinking.  Tea or wine…..

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