Saturday, April 4, 2009


Phipps2009 118  I took this picture at the Phipps.  I really like color.   I have been remiss at writing in my blog.  What is the problem?   But, I have also noticed that a lot of people also have not been writing?  

Do they have nothing to say, has spring hit and every one is getting rid of cabin fever?    Also a few of the blogs I enjoy reading now have become “Invited Only”   What is with that?   Are they tired writing?   Have they gotten some harassment of their blog?    Have they run out of ideas?  I am not a conspiracy theorist….

I must admit sometimes I am out of ideas, and I can’t explain it but I am sometime too tired to write.   This was an activity I enjoyed and now it just feels mundane?    I hope I get over my malaise soon.    

I am off this week, and perhaps I feel a need to get things done in my life.   I have several projects I want to get done.  First, which I started this morning, is to go thru my closet and eliminate things I no longer wear or have not work in a while.  I have a box designated to go to St. Vincent de Paul's this week. 

I find that once it is gone I do not miss it, I really have to think when I am sorting.   I have many things that are still in the laundry room and I want to bring them upstairs to be put away, but the closet was getting too crowded.   I am slowly replacing fall/winter with spring/summer. 

Emily had worked at a thrift store during college and she is my mentor whom I consult if they could use whatever article or not.   She said just give it, if they can not sell they will give it to a shelter if it is usable.   Guess I have a lot of work to do this week.



  1. I could stand to donate a few things when I switch my winter and summer clothes. Always good to sort through things and donate what you don't wear anymore!


  2. I have plenty I could write about but sitting down and doing it is another thing. I go through several of these spells during the year. I hope things turn around for you soon.