Tuesday, April 7, 2009



Phipps2009 053 It is snowing outside.  A few days ago it was 60/70.   I listened to the news this morning and there were accidents all over the town, on the ramps and bridges.   You would think that the snow was some once in a decade event because people drive like it is dry and crash on the icy spots on the bridges.   WHAT A SURPRISE!!!!!  

I am off this week and had a few things lined up to accomplish.   The first was to go thru my closet and sort what I no longer wear and take it to St. Vincent DePaul thrift store.

That has been accomplished.  I am also going thru books (I really hate to part with them) and box them to take to HALF PRICE BOOKS and recycle them. I actually have started on the book debridement.

Today I have plans to go thru the panty and rearranging the shelves.   I have a habit of buying things when I can’ find what I am looking for.   If I have many duplicates I may take them to the local food pantry.

I have a downstairs pantry area, that my sister calls my nuclear war stockpile.  So, I have enough to keep me busy this week.  

Yesterday was spent at the dentist, where I had a tooth extracted and have a minor pain in the jaw.   Motrin will fix that.

I am full of good intentions and hope to get things done.  Some how I feel when I am off I am entitled to rest up from working,  I just never get things done. 

Maybe it is because on that one, lonely day off during the week I make appointments that need to be done or have a long list of errands that I can’t do if I am at work.    So, enough of this typing and on to publish the post and get to work….


  1. "Book debridement." LOL! I try to do that once a year or so, too. Better World Books (betterworld.com) also does a book buy-back, where you enter your books on their website, they give you a price, and you print out a shipping label. I haven't tried this yet, but I might next time I need to clear out some books. Otherwise, we just donate them to the library.

    Enjoy your week off! You can get things done AND relax!


  2. We are going to have to do a months worth of work just to make room for company comming. Wouldn't care if there was not a 3 year old comming. I go Fridy to the dr and just hope SHE CAN GIVE ME SOIMETHING FOR THE PAIN IN MY LEG AND Back and take away the queasiness. Daughter said she had same spots, watery looking and really throws vision off to where you may as well just wait it out and her eye dr. told her it was oculat migrAINES OF THE EYES. nO PaIN JUST CONFUSION. I mentioned that I had a bad migraine a while back, the first in years, then this came on. Yuch Lucy