Saturday, May 30, 2009


How many backups does a person need?    I was reading an article on  CNET about the life of your external hard drive.   I have an external hard drive and it has a lot of pictures and music stored on iTunes, as well as a lot of genealogical data.

I also have things stored on CD's and a Flash Drives.  Is that enough.  Do I need to print and store things on paper as well?    Most of my things can be reproduced but it may take a long time to redownload things from Ancestry and Footnote.  

I had stored a lot of emails on my computer only to have the hard drive fail.   I had never copied them and now I store them on the ISP site. 

What does everyone else do,  how do you store your found information.   I could make paper copies but will they get pitched after I am gone?    How long do CD's last, and how long do Flash Drives last?



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  1. Thanks Claudia, for your advice. I have tried the tonic water and it did not help but this is probably the most severe attack I have had that has lasted as long as it did. I don't bring alcohol into the house because my husband was a is an alcoholic and one drink would probably send him back to it even though he has been sober 26 years. I just don't take any chances on having it in our home. Thanks for the suggestion. It would probably knock me on my rear because I never had a problem with alcohol, and only drank socially. So it has been 26 tears since I had a drink also. Good idea on the plumbing but not sure we have anything like that or not. Lucy