Monday, June 1, 2009

Emily tried it and it failed.


What you might inquire.   The stupid Ultimate  Web Translator that’s what….One of my pet peeves in my life are things that do not work like they were designed to work.   This applies to ALL things.   When I buy light bulbs I shake them in the store and if I get them home and they do not light I will take them back.   Emily thinks I am cheap….but I just want to get what I pay for.

Sylvania was the object of my wrath one day.  It was about a year ago when the energy saving light bulbs were just out.   They are suppose to last 1000 years, not really, but for several years.   That particular light died in a few months.   So, I emailed Sylvania and they sent me a coupon for a new light bulb.  

With everyone of the GREEN bandwagon I have a question….Exactly where in the world are we to dispose of those GREEN lights????  They contain mercury vapor and I do not want that in the land fill or atmosphere…..   It appears, as of this moment in time, to save them for  when the county has a hazardous waste round up day, I will take them there.    I have heard rumor that Lowes and Home Depot now collect those defunct bulbs, I have to check this rumor, I have two to dispose of at this time.   A three way bulb went kerplunk.   I am now of the mindset that I have to save all my receipts and take them back with the documentation.

I haven’t decided what to do about the translator, I could go and try to glean as much information from the web site or just delete the damn thing………….

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