Saturday, May 9, 2009


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Here is Emily pictured with her two grandmothers.   Both taken probably about 15 years ago.  It looks like both women were sick at the time.   My mother, Gerda, was undergoing chemotherapy and  my Mother in law, Lois looks extremely pale.   She was diagnosed with  cancer a few months after Gerda died.  

I find it extremely sad that they are both gone.    Tomorrow we will go out for dinner at  SAWA JAPANESE STEAKHOUSE.  We ate there last Mothers Day.   Last year we had gone out and everyplace was jammed packed.  Forty five minutes to one hour wait.  SAWA had just opened at that time, and I said to go there, because not many people would know about it, and sure enough, it was not crowded.    The food is good, along with the entertaining showmanship

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