Friday, May 8, 2009


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I guess it  is really is here.  When you go out and about you see spring flowers all around.     Last weekend I took pictures of my back yard and this week there is so much more greenery.  My sisters and I went out last Saturday and I took this pictures of the pansies.

This week at work was uneventful, and I like it that way.    We are busier each week, I have often wondered where they all come from???    There seems to be an endless supply of gall bladders to be removed.

We did a little shopping and had lunch out.   This weekend I have not a whole lot planned.   The Penguins are playing in the playoffs and the traffic will be awful.    It seems to me that these sport seasons last way tooooooo looooog.

It will be snowing in October and they are still playing baseball, the hockey playoffs extend until summer.  I really am not interested in sports and I do not watch, but they sports interfere with my driving and I get stuck in traffic I get irked.

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