Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Today is the beginning of a hot spell. It has been getting cool at night (58) but heats up during the day , it is 87 out there now. What I have decided to do is open the windows in the evening and turn off the AC. The humidity is low, now, my question is am I wasting my time and cash? Is this a good thing to do? If it was humid I would not consider doing this.

I am off today and spent the day looking for bargains. Actually a friend of mine told me to go to Dollar General to get good prices on cleaning supplies. They were priced good, as well as cat litter. I bought some things as well as two summer type t-shirts.

I had gone to the Mall and all the shirts I found or like had this stupid gathering at the bottom of it. Really, you need to be tall and thin to pull this off. The clothing stores wonder what will it do to get people to spend. I SAY QUIT DESIGNING STUPID LOOKING CLOTHING THAT WILL FIT A MINORITY OF THE PEOPLE. I do like my new shirts. Even though I bought them at Dollar General for $8 each.

I had gone to Office Max and they had a service where they would fill the printer cartridges for $10...I did this and LEXMARK (THE PRINTER COMPANY) would not accept the refilled cartridges of their own brand. I was quite angry, the ink cost an arm and a leg.

Lesson number one 1) Office Max refunded my money and 2) I will not buy a Lexmark printer again. I feel I am working with HAL who won't let me do things.

My toes still hurts, one of my friends told me that she had broken her toe and it continued to hurt for a year. I certainly hope not, I have taken to taping 2 4x4 bandages to my sock to create a cushion to prevent the irritation of the top of the shoe on my toe, you just can not wear sandals in the OR. My sister said I was lucky it was summer and I could wear the sandals, I said if it had happened in winter I would have had on shoes and not broken the toe.

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  1. I do feel for you having to be on your feet with shoes on with the toe. I have felt that. I do know what you mean by frizzy hair. I have had my share only mine was in the days where a machine was over your head and the rollers hung down on cable like things. Reminds me sort of , of the electric chair they just outlawed to kill prisoners here in Ne. It has been high 90's here and extremely high humidity and only gets down in the upper 70's at night. So without question our air has been doing double time. I like your pictures regardless.