Tuesday, June 23, 2009


As much as I try I still am in the doldrums of writing. I have tried to analyze my writing lethargy, but can't come up with an answer. We are working so hard at work, and I am REALLY looking forward to cutting down my days.

Maybe it is because the atmosphere is one of hamsters running and going no where on the wheel. We are working so hard and there is more and more to do. Maybe my age is just catching up with me. I am in very good health, and actually, my good health is no accident. It takes a life of watching ones weight, diet and avoiding vices; but I admit I like an occasional glass of wine.

I look at people who are much younger than me who are on disability and wonder exactly who is the fool here. I think it is me......I am talking about people whose health is ruined by their own neglect or poor choices. People Who live on the dole, while I am soon approaching 63 and still working my ass off. I am tired, cranky and irritable. This country is one who rewards bad behavior and punishes those who spend wisely and take care of them selves.

And I have to listen to the Washington rhetoric of taking from the "rich" and giving it to the poor. How about sharing my work ethic and my hard work. What has happened to this country that we have thousands of malingers who have their hands out with the cry of I am entitled so give it me???


  1. Sorry that things are going crappy for you.

    Do you think it's your job? or your field? can you transfer?