Saturday, June 27, 2009


On Thursday I came home and Emily and I were sitting in the living room chatting.

We heard this squeaky noise coming from the basement. I sounded like one of the cats toys that hangs tethered by a cord and makes noise when the cat will swat at it. We thought the toy had gotten carried to the basement.

But, who should appear but Jenny with some brown and furry thing in her mouth. IT WAS A CHIPMUNK and it was protesting quite verbally. She went into the family room and we had to decide which was the best course of action to get the rodent away from Jenny, but, how to do it.

Step one, open the door to the deck and get Jenny to drop the rodent. It was a good plan except we hadn’t told the chipmunk which way he/she was to go. Instead of running to the right and out the door, it took the long way to the left and into the main part of the house. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH

Run to close the doors to the bedrooms and bathroom. No where to run, no where to hide now little fellow.

It ran along the base of the kitchen cabinets and under the stove with two cats in hot pursuit. After retrieving the flashlight the furry fellow had managed to climb behind the cabinets. What a dilemma how do I get it out and worrying what if he dies back there….

We sat on the floor with a flashlight and two plastic bowls to pop on his head if he came out.

Phone call to Chuck who suggested barricading the stove. Meanwhile two cats were now sitting with us with the usual cat patience of waiting for prey.

Incoming phone call, while I was on the phone I hear that the chipmunk has escaped and Jenny had caught it again was had it in her mouth with the usual squealing.

This time Emily had my oven mitts and called “JENNY” Jenny picked up her speed away from us with her prize. Emily put on hand on Jenny’s rump and grabbed the rodent with her other.

Open the door, I got it” I opened the door before the chipmunk regained his senses. Outside he went and ran like the wind. In all the commotion I neglected to take any pictures of this drama.

He was one stupid rodent to come in a house that smells of cats. Don’t these rodents have a good sense of smell???? I bought a new pair of oven mitts at the store today, wasn’t too sure about chipmunk germs, at least it didn’t bite, guess it was too scared.

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  1. This escapade was hilarious, the way you described it - although I'm sure it wasn't funny while it was happening. The worst thing my cat ever captured was a scorpion. I think I'd rather have a chipmonk....