Sunday, June 14, 2009



Yesterday I had registered for a seminar.   I was extremely disappointed.   The easiest thing getting up early and finding a parking space.    Parking was free and the day was warm.

My first irritation was the fact it was FREEZING COLD  in the meeting room.    I would believe it was about 62F.   I work in an OR and believe me I am accustomed to the cold.   I had on jeans, T-shirt and a jacket.   I could have used a fleece hoodie.

The next irritation was the guy talked for 30 minutes past his allotted time and that would make the meeting longer.   The second speaker spoke so fast and had no intonation, or punctuation marks in his presentation.  English is my native language and so was his but I COULD NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT THE MAN SAID.

Usually when you go to a meeting you have a chair and a table (like a banquet) where you can place your coffee and you have a writing surface for notes.   Also a hand out is given with the highlights or Power Point copy so you can add to the given notes.  They offered neither.

Soooooooooo, with the advent of the first break I left, got in my car and went to the library....Points or no points this seminar was close to torture and I could not endure eight more hours.

We have to obtains points of continuing education for our RN License renewal and I will find another venue for those  points.   I even passed up a free lunch...with the way it was going I would have passed out from lack of food because lunch was not until 13:30 and we had started at 06:30.   

Close to home or not, I will not sign up for that Seminar again.

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