Monday, June 15, 2009


Yesterday started out as a fine day. The weather was perfect. Emily and I had a few things planned to do. First we dropped off the newspapers at the recycling bin. I wonder if they really recycle them, or burn them???

Next on to Half Price Books to peruse what the selection was. Emily found a few Nursing related books that might be of help to her. They study the whole time for their NCLEX Examination, after each unit they review, review and review some more.

In the same Shopping Center I went to the pet store to buy cat food. On the way in I somehow, managed to hit my toe on the cart wheel. If a person can see stars with their feet, I did. The pain shot up my leg.

On to the mall was a stop at Macy’s for a return and JCPenneys for shampoo. They were having a bUy one and get one for $1, this is the only time to buy shampoo. If you buy at Penney's they will also send you a $10 off coupon which Shawnna told me to add to the shampoo and it will be even cheaper. Thanks Shawnna…..

We walked around the Mall for a bit and the above mentioned toe was really hurting. Did a quick stop at the grocery store and then home. Toe hurting more, swollen and discolored by now.

In the early evening I decided that the toe was having more pain than it should be. Went to MED EXPRESS for a toe evaluation. What is nice about this facility is they bill your insurance for an “office visit” as opposed to a “ER visit” The difference is that the ER visit would cost me $75 and the Med Express visit will cost me $30. Plus there is not long wait, usually in, examined, treated and OTD.

Had an x-ray and my poor, now really black and blue swollen toe is broken. All they do it buddy tape it to the next. Got a Rx for pain medicine and a CD with my x-rays to take for a follow up.

This is the first broken bone I have ever had and the location is on the joint of the first metatarsal. Hurts too I might add. My foot was too swollen to get my shoe one, so I stayed home today and tomorrow too. I hope by Wednesday I can get my shoes on.

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  1. I am sorry about your toe. I have had more than one broken toe and as you said all they can do is buddy it up. Claudia, my feet are in such bad shape I dread going anywhere cause I have to put shoes on. There is really nothing I can do about it so I just can sympathize with you. Lucy