Friday, July 10, 2009

North Carolina Trip

After the goat farm we went to look at the town of Lenoir to do a little shopping and have lunch.

We had to wait till Sarah got home and take a shower after goat tending duties.  There are a number of shops and we had sandwiches at F Futs, while is inside of Hog Wallers Outfitters.  In addition to the outfitters and restaurant they also sell antiques which were reasonable priced.


While we were eating the overcast sky became a full fledged storm and we had to wait till the rain ended.   We perused the stores and to my amazement most of them were closed Sunday and Monday.  We had planned a hike but did not go due to the rain.  It was raining to hard to take pictures. 

With the hike cancelled we decided to go to Boone, North Carolina  this is where Sarah taught and her husband James attends grad school at Appalachian State University.  The trip up the mountain was interesting.   It is a two lane mountain road that at one time had passing lanes so the cars could move ahead of the trucks.   But in the past 10 to 15 years it was decided to make the road four lane.  (What were they thinking???   Two companies have gone bankrupt and the passing lanes have disappeared. 

They had to destroy mountains of granite, you could see the stone and it is very dark black, and used the parts of ruble to fill in gaps to make the road.   No one knows if it will ever get finished.   On top of the mountain was very scenic, due to the rain I did not take any photos.  At the end of the road trip was dinner and sleep



North Carolina 2009 029


Free range chickens at the goat farm.   The eggs are also sold there.


  1. Just a few more miles north of Boone and you would have been in my neck of the woods.....West Jefferson, NC


  2. I have great customers and vendors in Lenoir....and Boone too! Grandfather one of my favorite places in the world.