Thursday, August 13, 2009

Surprise, Surprise

Had a bit of vertigo and did not feel like writing. The docs decided it was an inner ear problem. The prescription for that is a drug (Antivert) is as old as could be and much to my surprise IT IS NOT COVERED BY MY INSURANCE…… The cost of the damn medication was $8.95, which I paid for but why in the hell would that not be covered??? Sometimes I think the people who set up the formulary list have the royal heads up their royal butts.

I have the ORIGINAL birth certificate of my grandmother Anna Bartels b. 1900. I found it along with other family documents when my father died in 2004. My dad was a pack rat, but a pack rat is a genealogist dream.

The old document had been folded, probably since 1900. When I unfolded it it came apart. I posted a question on Ask Olive Tree Genealogy what would be the best way to repair it. I did not want to use Scotch Tape on the document. Olive had suggested a Archival Repair Tape and I found one by a company and I had sent them an email, telling them what I was doing and if I could order from them. I had added my phone number. To my surprise, a woman from the company called and told me she would send me a few sample packs and that would be enough to repair my document. Since they are samples they are free…….There was another suggestion about sending it to a professional archivist and I can imagine it would be expensive. The paper is of value to me and the family. It is not like it is an newly discovered Declaration of Independence.

What a wonderful thing to do….I am now waiting for its arrival


  1. I have had antivert prescribed for me but it has been a while so I don't remember what I paid for it but I totally agree with you about coverage. Glad you are making some progress on your geneology.

  2. Classy company to send you the samples for your repair. What a treasure you've found! I hope the vertigo gets better for you. I didn't know much about it until Doug has his recent bout with it. He's had it back twice since the first episode so I sympathize with you seeing how bad it makes one feel.

  3. Hope your vertigo has cleared up and things are back to normal for you.