Friday, August 21, 2009

I have been Lax

I have been busy at work and doing heavens knows what. The vertigo is gone, when I got back to work I found out that two other of my coworkers had the same thing......Now I am thinking it was some sort of a virus.

It was also sudden onset of severe vertigo, feeling weak and tired. I am glad to say it is gone, gone, gone.....

I am on vacation next week. I hope it will be on the coolish side..... Last Saturday I noticed water leaking from the water tank. How old was that tank, at least 15 years I would imagine.

We went to Sears and purchased a new one. They seem to have the best prices and the quality of their product has always been good. But, try if I may, I have to figure out is why the big emphasis on "Cobalt Blue Liner" What difference does it make, and who the hell sees it anyway??? The logic of that in a sales push escapes me. Does anyone else know the importance and selling point of a Cobalt Blue Water Tank Liner?

Monday was the installation day. Chuck gave Emily a tutorial on the installation process. The hardest part was draining the hot water. I wish I could have used it for something, but it was too hot to use for watering and we needed to get the new one installed. The job took a few hours and hallelujah it is working great.

Maybe those Cobalt Blue Tanks do not rust as easily, OH wait, I forgot planned obsolesce. I think people just buy it because of the idea of it. We also had to buy a new lawn mower. There was a Friend and Family sale on Sunday from 6pm to 9pm. It seems that anything you REALLY need was exempt, in fact, there were more exemptions that things for sale. The water heater was not included in the sale. The lawn mower was, I think this is because it was an end of the season (Does the grass not grow in the fall and spring??) item and they wanted to get rid of it, I suppose to bring in the snow blowers..... We got 20% of an already discounted lawn mower.

We had to go back in the evening of the same day of the Water Heater Purchase, it wasn't a problem because I could not have fit both of them in the Legacy and Impreza at the same time anyhow. Really, we did put the Water Heater in the back of the was the hatchback version Impreza and in my Legacy Model the rear seats fold down and the lawn mower fit in there nicely. I love those Subarus.....

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