Saturday, September 19, 2009


All the hype and hoopla about the G 20 has me crazy. The whole town will be in a state of forced isolation. I am glad I have no need to go into the city. I am sick of hearing about protesters, the ones who should be protesting are the people who will lose two days pay because of the meeting. Many business has been forced to close because of the summit. No place to park, diminished bus service and inability of the food and other vendors to get into the city. The mayor and county executive had their heads where the sun doesn't shine for this one.

Access to the city is virtually in a lock down. All the parking garages will be closed. The parking lots outside the city center will be available. To top the whole moronic off is that the Pittsburgh Pirates (LOSERS FOR THE 17 YEAR) have a baseball game on Thursday afternoon and NO ONE CAN PARK IN THE NORTH SIDE LOT which is near the stadium.

The Pittsburgh Pirates get the Cats Ass Award from me. Not only for having 17 years of losing seasons in baseball. But not canceling the game so people who need to work can find a place to park. They close the parking garage and reserve it for the baseball fans.

The Pirates Organization rationalized, when the were seeking funding for a new Baseball Only stadium, that if they build it they will play better. I really feel that sports players should be on a merit salary. If you lose so does your pay.

Guess I will get of my soap box now, but my ire is still there


  1. Professional sports teams and weather persons are the only people who still get paid for f&$%ing up. If anyone else did such a poor quality of work, they would be out of a job.

  2. So do the CEOs of banking, and they get their bonuses with our tax money. Some of them got MASSIVE pay increases because they were not to get bonuses. Their line is they will leave, who wants those people who screwed up the economy in the first place. WTF

  3. Thank you Claudia. I knew I would get an answer if you saw this. I am not sure if he has had a scan of his liver. We are, me as support for my daughter and my daughter for her husband gearing up for a longer haul. I don't know if I mentioned he is also a diabetic. He was on a pill for it and don't know how they are doing it now. He is a little miserable since they have a tube in his nose to keep the acid out of his system. They let him shave today so that helped his ego a little.