Saturday, September 12, 2009


Williamsburg 018

This picture was taken last year in Williamsburg VA. I had gone to a conference and I am going this year too. The weather is cool and the meeting is always excellent. The hotel is about one half mile from Wiliamsburg, so I love to just walk around and see the sights.

My brother lives down in that area and I get to visit him and his family. I am in an autumny sort of mood. I love the cool nights where I have to pull up the quilt or bedspread to get warm at night. I do not sleep well when the weather is hot. I set the A/C at 76 and even with the ceiling fan I am too hot. Soon it will be time to break out the quilt.

I had talked about cutting down my hours in January, but now I do not know if I will do that at that time. Chuck and I had talked about getting some things done around the house. We had a new fence installed and he wants to get some concrete work done. We could use a new roof, perhaps new kitchen countertops and new appliances, since the ones I have are 20 years old, and we would buy new ones while we are both working full time.

In March I could COBRA my health insurance and not have to worry about coverage till I am eligible for Medicare. If it still exists. I keep thinking about the movie SOYLENT GREEN . It puts me in the mind of my Great Uncle Bill in the 1970's when my father told him he should get a flu shot and Bill told my father that he heard they "were putting something in there to kill the old people" We had a laugh about that, no to his face, but then a lot of old people stated to die who had the shot....I wonder ???? We quit laughing at Uncle Bill.

William Francis O'Rourke circa 1915, as a young man, I wonder what was the occasion for the picture. There were six out of ten siblings living. Two of them never married, William and his sister Mary, my father said Mary had a wedding planned and had made the arrangements with St. Williams Catholic Church in East Pittsburgh PA. For some reason (still unknown) she called of the wedding and never got married. That is probably a good story, but I doubt if I will find out what it is.

William Francis O'Roueke

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