Monday, September 7, 2009



Since I was on beeper call yesterday I awoke to the sound of my beeper alarm ringing.   I have it set about five minutes before swipe in time.   Just in case I forget to clock in this reminds me.    I have a lot of setting up to do for the days surgery and sometimes I get busy and need a reminder to do so.

I did not get called in, but I was ready to go.  It is surprising that sometimes you get the call and somedays" you slide slick.   I slid slick. 

Chuck and I started on painting the bathroom.   He got as far as the ceiling, there were holes and cracks to repair.   We will finish today.   There is another bathroom to do and it also needs some touching up.  

We have a list of things we want to get down before we retire.  Like painting, perhaps new kitchen counters and appliances and some outside concrete work.   All it takes is time and money.

I took some pictures and will finish with some after.   The bathroom was painted with that sponge painting that was popular about ten years ago.  It looked nice, but even I was getting tired of it.

No colors of autumn, yet.    This was taken last fall.   The past week the weather has been like San Diego CA.   Warm during the day and cool at night.   This morning I woke up and it was raining.   Going to be like Seattle for a while, there are more rainy days here than sunny.

Ohiopyle 2008 004

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  1. What a picturesque back yard. I'l bet it will be aglow with color in the fall.