Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Now, exactly how many people use these innumerable and sometimes indecipherable fonts ???   My daughter has a picture of the day blog, maybe I should start a FONT OF THE POSTINGS blog.   This one is actually readable.   I should check and see which one it is…..Viner Hand ITC, whatever that means…….

Last week I was off and I decided that I really like it that way.   Word is becoming increasingly busy.   Sites keep getting added, and the work load increases every week.   I realize that some people would love to be this busy if they are unemployed.  I am close approaching, wait a minute, I have passed it…..I graduated Nursing School in 1968, and I have been working at this profession for forty one years.

If anyone wonders, why in the world are all those old nurses working I will tell you.   WE ARE WORKING FOR THE HEALTH INSURANCE.   When anyone in the health care business retires NO ONE OR ANY ENTITY WILL BE PAYING FOR OUR HEALTH INSURANCE.    If my mother had told me to be a school teacher I would have been retired eight years ago, making as much in retirement as I had working, and I would have tax payer funded health insurance.    At least in the state of Pennsylvania.  I do not know about the other states.

Tomorrow is a ten hour day, so I better get showered and go to bed.   First I have to get off the damned soap box.



  1. A. Please don't use that FONT again...I'm begging you.

    B. No health insurance her....scary but true. Neither employer offers it and we just can not afford it. Hopefully that will change soon as a friend of our suggested that we look into joining an association that offers group health. Sigh

  2. I am always amused they actually have a font "wing dings" which is just a bunch of symbols. I sent my mom an email using it one time and she thought her computer was broke! LOL.

    Yeah, nurses are underappreciated for sure. It is kind of strange here in PA that teachers get that kind of retirement package and those who give us care when needed are left out in the cold. Start lobbying for change!!