Friday, August 28, 2009


This week has gone by so quickly; does everyones’ time off go by in a blur??   I feel that I would love to have off a second week.

I was trying to check on my Dashboard and although I had seen the Title “Blog Of Note”  I had never perused them.   I do not know how they are chosen, but, there is a wide variety of interests out there.   It is great that many people take time to write about what is important in their lives.

Emily is enjoying back to school.   She is studying pediatrics this unit.  So far they are on Growth and Development.  She spends two days at CHILDRENS HOSPITA OF PITTSBURGH.  This is just observation, seems like a waste of time for two days.  Two days at  A CHILD'S WAY which is a specialty hospital, it has  a “day care” for children with special needs that allows the parents to go to work.    A day with a school nurse is also on the agenda.

She will be doing Obstetrics at FORBES REGIONAL CAMPUS.  A lot of hospitals in Allegheny County PA have closed their OB departments, due to the cost of maintaining an OB department.   There have been a lot of consolidation to provide OB care without having to drive into the city.  She does her clinical starting on Monday.

My blogs have been lacking pictures and color lately, so I decided to add the blue flower to compliment the type.

Phipps2009 039




  1. It sounds like Emily is doing really well. I am sure you are very proud of her. Love the flowers.

  2. Pediatrics were be difficult in my opinion. When my parents started the Lancaster Make-A-Wish child I was awakened to the cruel reality of sick children and it was heart wrenching.