Friday, October 16, 2009


And I do not know when it will be back.   The lights flickered and went out for a few seconds and then the wireless was gone.   I tried to reset it to no avail.   Emily then called Windstream and they said that the modem  was bad and they tried to reset and then turned the power off and on.   Not working.   Seems the trouble lies in the DSL line.  A new wireless is ordered but someone (???) will come out and supposedly fix from the outside of the house…..Now how can it be fixed from outside and still me our fault because we don’t have INSURANCE ON THE DAMN THING. 

The insurance can be purchased for a mere $5.00 per month.  How freaking nice of them.    I told Emily to check into Comcast and see what their communication trifecta will cost.    I think the old switcheroo may be in the future and I didn’t need a crystal ball for that…..

So, you might ask, exactly what have we been doing this evening?  Well, first I made some chili and then Emily made an apple pie.  The first ever, I might add.  It is bubbly and still in the oven and has about two minutes to go…..Now we just have to wait for the 425F pie to cool. 

When ever the cable is back on this will be published.


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