Sunday, October 18, 2009


I can honestly say that this weekend nothing happened, at least at my house. I was suppose to be off this week, but somehow the powers that be have decided if my work is done and I leave early I can not take it without pay. If I leave early I MUST take vacation time and that left me without enought time to take the entire week off.

So, I will sit at work with the proverbial thumb up my --- and do nothing so I do not have to use my vacation time. It does not make a bit of sense to me, or anyone else.

Really, I have such little down time, what would matter a few hours that I clocked out without pay?????

Tomorrow I am off for sure, it is my and Shawnna's birthday. I have made it a policy of mine to take off on my BD. Shawnna, however has to work......take the day off next year and we will go to lunch Shawnna......

Emily and I are going on a fall foliage trip, if it is sunny. Chuck has chosen to stay home, as usual. I will take the camera and post if any pictures are good.

I will be 63, I look in the mirror and wonder where the time goes. I feel the same as I did many years ago.

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