Friday, November 27, 2009



Turkey day has come and gone.....There was just the immediate family, except for Bill.    My brother and his wife had cooked a turkey and a turkey breast.   There were all the usual accompaniments.     I made the quintessential Green Bean Casserole and corn.     To feed that crowd I cooked three bags of frozen vegetables of each, most of it was consumed.  

I had taken my camera but somehow forgot about it and didn't get any pictures taken.   What is unusual, and I don't know  why, the nephews are all dating and none of the nieces are dating anyone.    Is Mr Right an endangered species, are the girls busy studying in their careers?    I hope to think that is the case.

One niece is enrolled in the Doctorate program for PT.   One will graduate and plans on going to Nursing School, One is in school to peruse OT, Emily is  in Nursing School and two are in  High School.    The guys are also in college, graduated from college or planning to go to college.   It is amazing how the time flew.

The next gathering in Christmas and I hope to take pictures then.  I have the vegetable assignment then too.    I have to decide what to make for that day.  I have a month to prepare and need to know how many will be there.

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