Saturday, November 28, 2009


Up early and OTD to go to Sears. Yesterday the traffic was crazy, or so I hear from the news reports. Today there was hardly any, at least at 7 AM.

Got my shopping done and off to the Library to get more books out. I wish I had gone into town because there were not many books to choose from. I got there at 11 so their either had not put the returns out or there was a crowd that checked them all out early this morning.

Got a quick stop at the supermarket, Lucy the cat does not like the chicken cat food, she licks the sauce and then tries to cover up the rest; it is really funny watching the cat try to cover up things with the ceramic tile floor. So, I got a selection of things she prefers and will dilute my supply with hated chicken.

Spent the afternoon going thru my notes and adding to my Ancestry Family Tree. I had told my brother Bill I would send it to him, so I hope to get it in the mail this week.

Really an uneventful Saturday !!!!! And I like it that way........

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